Our name defines our approach. “Idea” is the territory of innovation and creation – fresh, fluid and lateral thinking. “Engineers” is the strategic rigour, delivery and execution.

As business-minded entrepreneurs, we grow bottom lines… the profit and purpose of financial and social bottom lines.

We deliver this return through a service-agnostic blend of marketing and communications skills, including but not limited to, advertising, branding, PR, digital and social media.


ROI is our mantra

Return on Ideas – because inspiration and creativity colour the world.

Return on Impact – because purpose is the elixir that renders profit valuable.

Return on Investment – because we’re incurable entrepreneurs. And in our book, that’s the first order of nation building.


We value partnerships. Our length of tenure with clients attests to this.

We’re passionate about local, ambitious brands who serve profit and purpose.

We are hell-bent on delivery – on time, on budget and beyond brief.

As entrepreneurs, ROI drives everything we do. Return-on-investment and return-on-impact.

And, we believe in doing good, and doing good business.




We have the pleasure and privilege of enduring partnerships with individuals and organisations that serve the greater good.

Dr Taddy Blecher is the standard bearer of servant leadership in his unrelenting service to education. His leadership, ingenuity and service finds shape at the remarkable Maharishi Institute. A free and exceptional university that opened its first campus in the Johannesburg CBD almost a decade ago, and now burgeoning in the rest of Africa too. In 2015 Maharishi won a global award for the most innovative tertiary institution in the world. Take a bow Taddy.

Our partnership with ReimagineSA is a compelling return-on-impact opportunity for our clients to serve sustainability and reimagine a South Africa defined by economic growth that benefits all.

Credit to Tsogo Sun for their exceptional and sustained positive impact in local communities.

We salute the Sage Foundation for providing time, resources and technology so NPOs can help more people reach their true potential.

The Foundation’s focus on building social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in local communities, is borne out by this recognition from Melisizwe: “Thanks to Sage, we expanded our Computer Lab, trained unemployed youth to do Coding and Robotics in Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape as well as ran the Sage FutureMakers programme in South Africa with them.”

Kudos to Diversity Empowerment for their unrelenting innovation and passion in youth skills development and training, rendering a ready workforce to the market.

And recognition to Trust Blu Foundation, for their commitment to youth and entrepreneurial development.

With the right people working together on the right project in the right place, everything is possible.


We are good at growing bottom lines.
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